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Dusit Grand Condo View

Dusit Grand Condo View - Paradise View

The Thai real estate market is enjoying great investor demand and continuously rejoices the hearts of its esteemers. A Thai developer in Pattaya has recently launched an unprecedented project coined Dusit Grand Condo View (Paradise View). This residential condominium, just like previous building projects of the developer, fulfills all client requirements with best accommodation facilities. But the hallmark of the project is that Dusit Grand Condo View follows the city-in-city concept and this residential cluster will cover a site area of 7,000 sqm.

The new residential estate is a 36-storey building with 351 comfortable apartments towering over the Jomtien Second Road within a walking distance of 300 m from the renowned Jomtien Beach (Chom Tian).

In contrast with analogous trendy projects that aim at wealthy buyers, the Dusit Grand Condo View (Paradise View) project targets middle-income clients with offers starting from 1.9 millions THB for a 34.8 sqm one-bedroom apartment. The spacious apartments with a practical layout can be re-designed on demand for any purpose, e.g. two units can be merged on investor’s request.

This housing estate will become a sweet home and a secure investment for those who value convenience, safety, functionality and coziness. Dusit Grand Condo View befits everybody from families with children and young couples to seniors and accomplished businessmen.

The building will be built according to the precinct concept, thus encompassing a square territory with a well-lit inner courtyard and a tropical garden. The residential enclosed layout ensures reliable safety for the inhabitants, which is further reinforced by a fence, security guards and surveillance cameras.

The building project can show off its favorable location: almost all apartments benefit from breathtaking panoramic views on the startlingly beautiful Gulf of Thailand. Low-lying floors are no exception, as they offer excellent lookouts and enchanting sceneries as well!

The new building will be only a few minutes’ drive away from popular supermarkets, large shopping malls and most famous Pattaya sightseeing spots. The condominium itself will provide an extended infrastructure and communal facilities: a department store, a massage parlor, fitness and wellness SPA centers, a business centre, a restaurant and a coffee bar, a sauna with a relaxing sweat room, spacious parking area for 135 places and a chain of various pools. Moreover, cleaning services, laundry facilities, a child library and a child centre will be at your disposal, and on top of that numerous children playgrounds and tot lots in the inner courtyard.

Modern technologies are being used for finishings and apartment interior decoration in the Dusit Grand Condo View building. For example, every apartment is equipped with a control unit which enables temperature regulation and electricity and water-flow monitoring. The building interior is dominated by smooth lines and pure natural colors which create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. Our compatriots’ decision to purchase a Dusit Grand Condo View apartment will be rewarded by an attractive opportunity to receive Russian satellite TV broadcast which is going to be installed in the building.

Last but not the least; the territory around the construction site conforms to the highest standards of ecological cleanness. The Jomtien region has no industrial zone, and the new condominium is screened from the busy Sukhumvit Road by a green belt. Owing to these distinctive features and the charming beauty of the natural environment, the building project is becoming a delightful oasis within the city boundaries.

The Dusit Grand Condo View (Paradise View) makes your life-long dream of a carefree Western lifestyle finally come true!


Payment mode and installment payment plan:

  • 20,000 THB for an apartment reservation;
  • 100% of the apartment’s cost over 60 days;

Additional fees on completion:

  • Sinking fund (one-time payment): 500 THB;
  • Installation of water and electricity meters (one-time payment): up to 10,000 THB for both;
  • Governmental tax on registration of property rights (on receiving a residential property ownership certificate) – 2 % of cadastral apartment value.

Monthly payments after occupation:

  • Maintenance fee: 35 baht per 1 sqm;
  • Utility payments for water and electricity according to meter’s readouts: water – up to 25 baht per 1 cubic meter;
  • Electricity – 3.75 baht per kWh;
  • NO annual real property tax.





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